Sipping Enzo Ginseng: Your journey to Italy is only a glass away

Discover the delicious beverage that Italians love - now available for you to enjoy.

Who wouldn't want a getaway? A quick vacation? A moment to relax and enjoy life - even if only for a moment... Now, you can enjoy do just that - experience well-being and escape with a taste inspired by Italy. Take a sip of an Enzo Ginseng.

Italian Inspiration

Inspired by Italian cafe culture, Enzo Ginseng is a healthy, delicious version of a popular Italian beverage. Made from all-natural, globally-sourced ingredients, it is typically served as a hot, frothy shot - or as a base for a cappuccino or latte. Enzo Ginseng is gluten-free, lactose-free and virtually caffeine-free so that you can enjoy any time of the day

As featured in The Guardian:

Cappuccino, espresso, macchiato – we’ve all learnt how to speak coffee in Italian. Visit Italy nowadays though and you’ll find its bars serving a beverage that has yet to make it into the English lexicon: caffè al ginseng.”

East meets West

For centuries, Ginseng has been regarded across the Eastern world as a powerful antioxidant and trusted for it's abilities to enhance health and well-being. Back West, in Italy, the comforting rituals of café culture have spread around the world.

Enzo Ginseng expresses the perfect marriage of these time-honored traditions - functional, harmonious ingredients served up in a warm glass - inviting you to take a moment and live in the now.

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